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Ground Zero Training's Jabari Parker-2014 NBA Draft-1st Round-Pick 2

Ground Zero Training's Jabari Parker-2014 NBA Draft-1st Round-Pick 2

We are officially 6 days out from the 2016 NBA Draft! For Ground Zero Training and our players, this marks a very special day. It is the culmination of so much preparation and hard work. Not only over the past few months, but years upon years of practice, games, and immense work. You have to do more than talk, and you certainly have to do more than just practice. You have to absolutely love and respect the game of basketball. This means having a willingness to spend early mornings running sprints, lifting weights, and getting up shots before school. It also means passing up many social gatherings to spend time working on one's craft. These players have to be able to cruise while others push. For those that do not realize, the statistic representing players going from high school to the pros is about .03%. You're one of the top players in your city? Who cares. You're one of the top players in your state? Who cares. You are playing at the D1 level? This certainly doesn't guarantee you anything, as just 3.8% of NCAA D1 players that were draft eligible heard their name called during the 2015 NBA Draft. For those that want to use basketball as a vehicle to an education, we applaud you. If you have dreams of reaching the NBA, you better be reading this from the gym. In fact, make sure you have a sleeping bag in there as well. 

For those that hear their names called on Thursday June 23rd in Brooklyn, New York, we will be smiling right with you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. For those that do not, we will be right there for you to help you reach whatever level it is that you desire to play on. Whether that be playing in a different country, or ultimately working your way into signing a contract in the NBA like our guy Sean Kilpatrick recently did. Always remember, this journey will have its ups and downs, but you have defied the odds, and you will continue to do so. You are a part of a special fraternity and no haters or so called "experts" will ever take anything away from what you have already accomplished in just making it to this point. Let's go and get it! Always and forever family!

-Ground Zero Training